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Dolomiterna - Radiokrav

02 AUG 2018 16:05
  • Uppdaterad: 02 AUG 2018 16:06

*** Radiokrav vid flygning i Dolomiterna ***
Information från det italienska förbundet

As you know we have too many accidents in the dolomites area and, even worse, when the helicopter arrives it has to face lots of gliders still flying in the rescue area, with additional risks for everybody.
This is what is threatening a ban of free flight in the area. The ban on the Mont Blanc happened for this same exact reason.
We believe that the lack of communication is the main issue. Free flight pilots notice the helicopter only when they see it and it's not always easy to figure out where the rescue area is. 
Now we have a radio channel shared between heli rescuers and free flight pilots, on this channel they will inform all pilots of the imminent rescue operation even before the helicopter takes off, they will identify the area of the operation so that the free flight pilots can move away from it and (hopefully) when the helicopter arrives the area is free.

Läs om vilken typ av radio som krävs i länkad PDF-fil här...

Skribent: Ulf Mårtensson
E-post: Adressen Gömd




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